I feel more me when I'm wearing a good pair of Lululemon leggings, showing off my half sleeve, wearing glasses (btw people say I look like Tina Fey with them on), and have a coffee in my hand. Did I mention I'm a big Netflix watcher? While editing, I love to be able to watch a funny movie (ex: Bridesmaids) or a good series like "The Office" or "Friends" (Chandler Muriel Bing is the man). "Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look a-like contest and won", "Ross came in forth and cried". HAHA! Yes, I can almost recite the lines for each show.


I've heard "We are very awkward in front of the camera" more than you think. My response is always, "GOOD! Embrace it!". Being awkward is what creates those unexpected moments of real laughter and guess what...I get awkward in front of the camera too, so I feel you. The good news is, I’ve got you boo. Look, pictures should not be in any way stressful. At this moment you have so much stuff on your plate due to your wedding so the last thing I want for you two is to come to our session and feel stressed stressed stressed. If you need advice or help, don't forget (I will keep repeating this), I've got you! Think of our session as going for a drink with a good friend that you haven't seen in FOREVER and who you want to catch up with so you can tell her ALL the good things going on with your wedding. Hell, we can do that before the session if you'd like. I've had so many couples do that to help calm the nerves.


  • I can do a pretty damn good Napoleon Dynamite impression.  However, the impression is limited to 3 different lines lol.  My favorite is “Can you bring me my chapstick?”
  • Not only am I a coffee addict, I’m also a Target addict.  I go into Target for a only couple of things and I SWEAR crap just appears in my cart out of no where lol.
  • I love the color blue. No, its not just like my favorite color, it is quite an obsession. My whole house is decorated with blue.  One time I read that blue is a very calming color, sooooo I went a little crazy with the blue decor in my house haha.
  • I like to communicate in GIF messages sometimes, lol. When you send me a text I will 85% of the times always respond with a funny GIF correlating to the subject.
  • My friends know me for doing a random dance out of no where.  I don’t need music, its preferred but I don’t need it.  So you may find me out on the dance floor at your wedding a couple of times.