I feel more myself when I'm wearing a good pair of Lululemon leggings, half sleeve out, and have a gallon of coffee ready to go for the day. I'm a huge fan of Netflix and Hulu!! While editing, I love to be able to watch a funny movie (ex: Bridesmaids, Get Hard, or Office Space) or even a good series like "The Office", "New Girl", or "Friends" (Chandler Muriel Bing is the man). "Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look a-like contest and won", "Ross came in forth and cried". HAHA! Yes, I can almost recite the lines for each show.


I love to get my clients into an environment that relates to them so they are more apt to being themselves. We can go to your favorite local coffee shop or a brewery you guys go to every Friday. As long as it speaks you and who you two are as a couple then HELL YES LET’S DO IT!!

Awkwardness can be a factor with some couples, however I take awkwardness and create moments that are totally unexpected and real! Honestly, even the awkward laughs turn into a real laugh. So see, its a win even if you’re a little shy. I’ve got you!



Getting my couple comfortable with me and my camera (my little tag along haha) is what I strive for. What thrills me to the bone is when a bride and groom tells me (after their engagement or wedding) that they had such an awesome time and it wasn’t anywhere near what they had pictured in their head. I haven’t lost one couple to not enjoying themselves and I don’t plan to start with you. You just have to have a little faith and trust in me. So when you hire me…let the stress of pictures disappear and leave it to me.


Tid Bit Info:

  • I can do a pretty damn good Napoleon Dynamite impression.  However, the impression is limited to 3 different lines lol.  My favorite is “Can you bring me my chapstick?”
  • Not only am I a coffee addict, I’m also a Target addict.  I go into Target for a only couple of things and I SWEAR crap just appears in my cart out of no where lol.
  • I love the color blue. No, its not just like my favorite color, it is quite an obsession. My whole house is decorated with blue.  One time I read that blue is a very calming color, sooooo I went a little crazy with the blue decor in my house haha.
  • I like to communicate in GIF messages sometimes, lol. When you send me a text I will 85% of the times always respond with a funny GIF correlating to the subject.
  • My friends know me for doing a random dance out of no where.  I don’t need music, its preferred but I don’t need it.  So you may find me out on the dance floor at your wedding a couple of times.