Tarot reading, Schitt's Creek lover, Lululemon Addict

The feeling that you get when you finally marry the one you love…”FINALLY, its about damn time” lol.

No matter how you feel after the "I do's" is done, I want you to relive it over and over again as though you are right back in that very moment.

The laugh of your grade school friend captured in one picture. You can almost hear them laughing and even remember what they said to you. She thought it would be funny to give you some "advice" for the honeymoon. It was so random, you two couldn't help but bust out laughing.

How about when your dad, or your soon to be life partner, sees you for the first time and they can't help but shed a tear, if not thousands.

The dance moves that Uncle Rico thinks he has even after you told him..."Please for the love of God, don't do the Macarena"

These days we all get caught up in social media, social status, and our social circles that we tend to let the little moments just fall at the waste side to soon be a distant memory.
Your wedding day is a day of celebration of bringing everyone you love. (and those who have helped you through the toughest times in your lives) together. It is only then, that you HAVE to party like its 1999. Yep, I had to throw that in there lol.
Either way, pictures are meant capture the unforgettable moments and to leave a lasting impression...what impression do you two want to leave?
Thats where I come in. I'm there to tell the story of you two and help you embody and embrace one of your biggest days over and over again. Even long after the day has passed.

So that I'm not a stranger when we meet, here are a few facts about me:

  • I am a huge dog lover, so much so we have 3 dogs (maybe not the smartest idea lol).
  • I am a huge “Schitts Creek”, “FRIENDS”, and “The Office” fan. I love me some David Rose.
  • My favorite kind of couples are the ones who know they can trust me to tell their story, comfortable with allowing yourselves to just let go and have fun. I am committed to each and everyone of my couple which means I make sure you understand the process and I am completely transparent with you. I only expect the same so that we are always on the same page.
  • I like to communicate in GIF messages sometimes, lol. When you send me a text I will 85% of the times always respond with a funny GIF correlating to the subject.
  • My friends know me for doing a random dance out of no where. I don’t need music, it’s preferred, but I don’t need it. So you may find me out on the dance floor at your reception a couple of times.