For the most part I am weirdo (in a good way, not in creeper style) and I love to cut up. I am all about being spontaneous and collecting as many experiences as I can. I live in Lululemon and feel like I own stock in the company or that I’m a serious collector. I have 4 children (1 human and three dogs); so at times it can get a little noisy (which if it were quiet it would feel as though something is wrong). I have an amazing husband who I would do anything for and he would do anything for me. :::I know, let’s take a second for this Hallmark moment::: I love my work but I fall in love more with every single one of my couples. My couples are the ones that make my work stand out. They have smiles that will instantly melt your heart and personalities that make you feel as though you’ve been friends forever. My ideal couples: I love couples who enjoy a good Netflix series (for me it's "Friends" (Chandler Muriel Bing is the man!!), "The Office", "New Girl" etc) and that enjoys an adventure. A couple who is willing to get the hell out of the norm and into something new! In short, let’s get weird together (that’s what she said) and have an awesome time doing it!!


I love to get my clients into an environment that relates to them so they are more apt to being themselves. We can go to your favorite local coffee shop or a brewery you guys go to every Friday. As long as it speaks you and who you two are as a couple then HELL YES LET’S DO IT!!

Awkwardness can be a factor with some couples, however I take awkwardness and create moments that are totally unexpected and real! Honestly, even the awkward laughs turn into a real laugh. So see, its a win even if you’re a little shy. I’ve got you!



Getting my couple comfortable with me and my camera (my little tag along haha) is what I strive for. What thrills me to the bone is when a bride and groom tells me (after their engagement or wedding) that they had such an awesome time and it wasn’t anywhere near what they had pictured in their head. I haven’t lost one couple to not enjoying themselves and I don’t plan to start with you. You just have to have a little faith and trust in me. So when you hire me…let the stress of pictures disappear and leave it to me.


Tid Bit Info:

  • I can do a pretty damn good Napoleon Dynamite impression.  However, the impression is limited to 3 different lines lol.  My favorite is “Can you bring me my chapstick?”
  • Not only am I a coffee addict, I’m also a Target addict.  I go into Target for a only couple of things and I SWEAR crap just appears in my cart out of no where lol.
  • I love the color blue. No, its not just like my favorite color, it is quite an obsession. My whole house is decorated with blue.  One time I read that blue is a very calming color, sooooo I went a little crazy with the blue decor in my house haha.
  • I like to communicate in GIF messages sometimes, lol. When you send me a text I will 85% of the times always respond with a funny GIF correlating to the subject.
  • My friends know me for doing a random dance out of no where.  I don’t need music, its preferred but I don’t need it.  So you may find me out on the dance floor at your wedding a couple of times.