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"Is my foundation off by a shade? Am I wearing the wrong top? The answer is maybe” Alexis Rose, Schitts Creek (if you know, you know)

"You're walking me down the aisle in a wedding dress! Everyone's going to think we're getting each other" David Rose Schitts Creek

Along with witty quote bantering of my favorite show, my main passion is providing couples with raw, romantic and artistic photography that moves you. No awkward stills of inanimate objects, only imagery that brings everything to life and tells the emotional, loving story of your day.

You and your guests' true selves will be the center of attention and I will polish it just enough so it never reads like a forced cliché wedding photo shoot. I promise to deliver sophisticated yet also laid-back showcasing your true personalities that later become epic wall art, turned into edgy photo books for loved ones, and equip you with an endless source of wallpapers for your computer and smartphone screens for decades to come.

It is my personal mission to provide a safe and relaxed space for you both to let down your hair and celebrate what brings you both together and makes you the people you are. Life while planning a wedding can be hectic; I am extremely flexible with your time/scheduling and I make sure to sincerely get to know my couples prior to committing to your wedding date.
My job is to calm your jitters, make you laugh, be a little daring, enjoy the moments, capture the phenomenal real-life vibe of you as a couple and help you figure out how to conquer the infamous "What do I do with my hands?" moments.

STAY TUNED: Upcoming Workshop in Raleigh NC,

along with 1-on-1 Mentoring

The Redefined Workshop

! am partnering up with one of the best and most handsome Wedding Coordinators in all of NC, Chad Biggs. We are joining forces in order to bring photographers a workshop that helps them not only beautiful images for their portfolio, but also (and more IMPORTANTLY) how to attract them to you and BOOK THEM!!

What good is a styled shoot if you can't book the couples you are wanting to attract?

Stay tuned for more details, but until then...learn about the 1-on-1 mentoring I know offer to select photographers


8/24/2022 - 8/25/2022





The Bradford Wedding

Discover my love for minimalism, natural light as well as inspiring moments.