So that I'm not a stranger when we meet, here are a few facts about me:

  • I am a huge dog lover, so much so we have 3 dogs (maybe not the smartest idea lol).
  • I am a huge “Schitts Creek”, “FRIENDS”, and “The Office” fan. I love me some David Rose.
  • My favorite kind of couples are the ones who know they can trust me to tell their story, comfortable with allowing yourselves to just let go and have fun. I am committed to each and everyone of my couple which means I make sure you understand the process and I am completely transparent with you. I only expect the same so that we are always on the same page.
  • I like to communicate in GIF messages sometimes, lol. When you send me a text I will 85% of the times always respond with a funny GIF correlating to the subject.
  • My friends know me for doing a random dance out of no where. I don’t need music, it’s preferred, but I don’t need it. So you may find me out on the dance floor at your reception a couple of times.