From the moment its official, up to your last image delivered, you have my full undivided attention, energy and care. I can help you fine tune the schedule of your wedding, so we catch the best light for your intimate portraits. I've worked with tons of vendors over the past 13 years and can offer any recommendation you need if you still haven't found a florist, make up artist or videographer.


Raleigh NC Wedding Photographers

Building more than just a wedding.


Time to break it down, and not only on the dance floor! My entire photography experience from start to finish is detailed below which allows you to be confident in the decisions about the important moments surrounding your Wedding Day. You won’t miss the good stuff, and neither will I. After your Engagement and Wedding sessions with me, you will have priceless photographs with a real in-the-moment vibe; where you can truly feel the love that reminds you that you’re building so much more than just a wedding

Norfolk VA Wedding Photographer

Getting to know you as a couple.


Pre-Wedding Consultation:

Let’s chat it out, meet up face-to-face (or facetime) while you share with me exactly what your Wedding Day expectations are.

Your love story is straight fire and I’m going to capture these blissful moments in breathtaking, artistically raw snapshots that will continue to speak to your souls for decades to come. To do so authentically, I crave the details of your connection as a couple and your wants/needs for your big day. I will be jotting notes and actively listening so I can begin brainstorming ways to allow your true personalities to shine. I can also walk you through what your Wedding Day will be like with me by your side.

Bringing the REALNESS to your shoot.

Nashville Engagement Photographer

Engagement Session:

When your photo expectations become reality, it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t settle for cheesy, awkward poses that aren’t in touch with the times. Your engagement photos will showcase your true selves and honor your relationship with all the real-life qualities that make you, you. I will be snapping photos in natural light, in comfortable, sincere embraces with genuine smiles and authentic affection; so, whenever you look at them, you’ll catch the same loving feels as you did during the session. Think of this as a fun rehearsal that also leaves you with epic, timeless souvenirs of the beginning of your life together.


Perry Lane Wedding in Savannah GA

Patience is a virtue until it comes

time for sneak peeks.


I get it, I promise you whole-heartedly I get it. Marriage looks good on you and you want to show it off! I can provide a little teaser of polished photos within 24 - 72 hours after your Wedding so that your Instagram/Facebook feed isn’t only blown up by poorly lit, amateur (read: family & friends’) smartphone photography

Hand edited with an artistic eye.

Ireland Wedding Ceremony

A lot of TLC (not the girl group) goes into editing each captivating snapshot. I hand edit each and every one to bring out all the soft details and preserve the spirit of you both on such a special day/evening in your lives together.

Turnaround times vary – but rest assured you will not be waiting months for your precious images! Please contact me to see what the current turnaround time is. I will always do my best to accommodate your wishes and needs.


Timeless prints lead to an EPIC wall art + more.


I like games, but not when it comes to your prints. Once your high-resolution images are edited to perfection, you will have instant access to them so you may print them, share them, or turn them into high-quality coffee table books and extraordinary gallery walls. No watermarks and no minimums. The possibilities are endless! I am happy to share my favorite printing companies as well.

Merrimon-Wynne House Wedding


The wedding day is a blur of emotions, unforgettable moments, and over in a blink of an eye. With me by your side, you'll be laughing, crying, and reliving all the important memories for years to come.

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To know, whether you hire me or someone else, you are hiring not only a professional but someone you can actually consider hanging out with. With my couples I want their experience to be so good with me that they even find themselves talking about it on their honeymoon dinner haha. Also, make sure you hire the person you feel and know you can put full trust in. Someone you can know, that no matter what, they have it taken care of. When a couple lets go of the reins, the photographer can truly shine and bring out their true artist within to be able to tell your story in the most unique and beautiful way possible.

If you could give us one piece of advice, what would it be?

SUUUPER easy. First off, let’s make some time to talk. Whether it be through email, phone, or meeting up. I want to get to know my couples and find out if we are a good fit for one another. I also want to take the time to hear about your wedding and everything you have planned and envision for it.  If your excited, you can bet your ass I will be too!!

We know we love you, what is the process to book you?

I know a bride and grooms life, at this point when planning a wedding, can be so very busy so  if it’s easiest for us to email or chat over the phone I am game. If you are able to meet then, hell yea, let’s grab some coffee.

Do we need to meet?

Yes. What you see on my site are all edited. Every picture in your gallery will be edited by me with a splash of my pizzazz :::insert jazz hands here:::

Do you edit our images?

As soon as we can. The calendar books up super fast, especially if you are wanting to have your engagement session in the fall.  Normally, I will book engagement sessions during the week, Fridays, or Sundays.  My Saturdays are always filled with weddings.

When do we need to book our engagement session?

Of course I do! I even have a bucket-list for weddings. Not to mention, my hubby and I love to travel every year because we just simply like to get away.

Do you travel?

Baltimore Engagement Photographer

It's a guarantee, I always invest in every couple.

creating story telling images while having an experience of trust, certainty, and fun.

Details & Investment

Investing in you and your wedding.