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Immediatley when Sarah said that she wanted her bridal session in Virginia where her and AJ are getting married I agreed to it being a FANTASTIC idea.  Now that the session is over I think it was a BRILLIANT idea!  Sarah looked stunning in her wedding dress.  There were some weather issues that day, rain and harsh wind, but who cares we worked with it and now I am thankful for the weather turning out like it did.  I am so excited to be sharing these pictures today!  I cannot wait to see Sarah and AJ again on their wedding day!   DSC_2003-Edit-Edit copy 2DSC_1527-Edit copyDSC_1547-Edit copyDSC_1585-Edit copyDSC_1593-Edit copy2x verticle fb 3 5 copyDSC_1625-Edit copyDSC_1655-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1690-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1710-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1723-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1751-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1776-Edit-Edit copy2x verticle fb 3 6DSC_1853-Edit copyDSC_1890-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1901-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1905-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1914-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1922-Edit-Edit copyDSC_1968-Edit-Edit copy 2DSC_1987-Edit-Edit copyDSC_2065-Edit-Edit-EditDSC_2023-Edit-Edit copy


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