I came up with "Coffee Date Mentoring" due to my love for coffee. To me, meeting at a coffee shop is a place you meet your friends, and that's exactly what I want to come out of our mentoring session along with you taking away a lot valuable knowledge. With that, I have come up with two different types of mentor surprise....regardless we are going to be drinking coffee (or tea if you prefer). One will be a "coffee date" with me and a one on one portfolio review. The second will include the portfolio review along with a session with me and a kick ass couple.



“Coffee Date” Portfolio Review + Couples’s Session:    $1200

This one is everything listed above, but will also includes a session (1 – 2 hours) with a couple that I have worked with before.  This way we know, they are going to be a lot of fun to work with. For the most part we can shoot in the Raleigh/Durham area.  If you are wanting to go somewhere else, I am totally game for anything.  However, depending on the location, there will be a travel fee. During the session we will walk (of course), tell jokes, get to know everyone, and you tell me what you think you are lacking in.  If you want to work more on light and lines then we will shoot in the afternoon, in the city, and play with what the day brings.  If you feel that you lack with getting your couples into an emotional connection with your images, hell we can really go anywhere for that.  We will just make sure we focus more on you explaining to the couple what you want from them. In addition, I can show you how to ease them out of being anxious over the session since 90% of couples don’t know how to relax with a big camera in there face.  I mean really, if you think about it, we are technically being a “Peeping Tom” lol.


“Coffee Date” Portfolio Review Only:    $800

We will both bring our laptops or we can just work off mine. I will need to be able to access your portfolio, whether you bring them on a flash drive or you already have your website up and running. We look over your portfolio together and discuss what doesn’t make you happy. I want you to understand, when we do this I am there to be completely honest with you. If I am not honest with you, I will then be doing you a disservice and in the end you will have wasted your money. So, when you’re walking through those doors make sure to not wear your heart on your sleeves. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to blast your images and be Shark Tanks “Mr. Nice Guy” or American Idol’s “Simon”, no no no. I am there to help you see the good in what you do and where you can improve. This is also a time where we can talk shop. What that means is, if you have any questions about photography I will answer them to the best of my ability. If you’re wanting to talk about editing you need to rethink this mentorship. I am more than happy to guide you to some amazing companies that can help with your editing BUT I will not sit there and show you how to edit. As a photographer…no as an artist…you need to come up with your brand, which means your edit. Your edit, believe it or not, and your ability to visualize an image helps you express who you are. In the end, I want us to have fun, shoot the shit, and have you walking away with knowledge that will take you to the next level!!


Skype/Zoom Call:    $475

Can’t meet up?  Let’s make a date online where I am able to help and answer any questions you want to know.  These calls can be about an hour and a half of us having fun, learning, and for you having the confidence that you get to walk away with the knowledge of what you need to do next to level up.  I am here for you!  There is ZERO judging and ZERO competition with me.  When you succeed, I succeed.  I want to build leaders!!!