Fun Tiny Home Session with Hattie & Patrick | Raleigh NC February 22, 2019 / Engagements WAIT! THERE'S MORE Moroccan Styled Wedding | Charleston SC Wedding Photographer February 4, 2019 / Weddings An explosion of Junebug Wedding inspiration just happened yesterday!  This was one DROP DEAD gorgeous Moroccan Styled Wedding.  When I first walked through the doors and saw the set up my jaw dropped.  There may have also been a slight drool…..I SAID A SLIGHT lol.  The tones that The Crafted Space pulled together was insane […] WAIT! THERE'S MORE Brooklyn NY Engagement Session | Jack & Emma January 31, 2019 / Engagements I love engagement sessions all together but when you take the engagement to New York…YES!!!!! A couple in their own surroundings, a place that’s familiar to them, it makes the session go with such ease.  Taking a walk around the block can make it super easy for both the photographer and couple.  I took Jack […] WAIT! THERE'S MORE In-Home Charleston SC Engagement | Lark & Nick January 25, 2019 / Engagements I really need for everyone to understand how much I get excited over doing an in-home engagement session with a couple.  Sure we can always go to a park, a bar, to the city, coffee shop…etc etc but what better way to show you two than your own environment? The same place you two are […] WAIT! THERE'S MORE Asheville NC Foggy Wedding | Marianne & Ryan January 18, 2019 / Weddings The wedding season ended with a BEAUTIFUL wedding with Marianne & Ryan over in Asheville NC.  Normally in Raleigh, when the day calls for slight rain that day everyone tends to get a little bummed.  However, when in Asheville that bummed feeling never comes.  After it rains this GORGEOUS fog starts to roll in and […] WAIT! THERE'S MORE Trends Coming on Strong for 2019 | Destination Wedding Photographer January 14, 2019 / Wedding Tips Couples are taking a few steps out of the box for their weddings now and craving for their BIG day to be different. Statement pieces during the wedding are starting to pop up more and more.  From gorgeous non-traditional alters to even jaw dropping cakes that you would rather stare at than eat. I’m seeing […] WAIT! THERE'S MORE
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