Yes, weddings can start to add up a nice bill that you don’t expect at the beginning. From flowers, food, little decor pieces, linens…etc etc. Photography should not be one of the things you want to skimp on. It would be like going to a restaurant and ordering filet mignon and then receiving a sirloin. Now, don’t get me wrong I love sirloin, but if I ordered a filet…damnit I want my filet. You put all your time and efforts into creating this BEAUTIFUL wedding and it should be documented the way you envision it. If you are going to put in so much of your valuable time into your wedding then hire someone that will appreciate the hard work and will get you the pictures you deserve. Which by the way, :::raises hand::: that would be me.

I only take on a limited amount of weddings each year to be able to provide each couple devoted and quality time from me. Contact me now for more info.



Bucket List Elopements/Weddings

Just like anyone, I have places I would love to have the chance to visit; or hell to see again!! With that being said I have a crap ton of places that are on my Bucket List. Why would you want to know this? Well good question. If your wedding is taking place at one of these locations email me and let me know. We will work something out to where you get what you want from your package and I get the pictures I want from just being there. Deal?

Canada .......... Ireland
Paris .......... Iceland
Greece .......... New Zealand
Spain .......... Italy
Rome .......... London
Costa Rica ........... South Africa
Hawaii .......... Any of the Saints

Canadian Rockies Elopement