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Elizabeth & Maximo | NC Farm Engagement

Elizabeth and Maximo…these two…are just adorable!  They’re truly genuine and sweet human beings with such big hearts.  I can still remember the sweetest thing they both agreed on (during our consult), which was making sure that we all communicated during this process.  They wanted me to feel comfortable and if I wasn’t to make sure to let them know.  I mean, really, I was so taken back by them.  They sure did want, what I always want, teamwork.

Moving forward now to their engagement (below)… I am very thankful that they picked me to be their wedding photographer.  I will admit they were nervous about their session, however, a few shots did help with that quickly.  Yes no joke.  I am all about making my clients feel at ease but if you need to take off the edge just a little then, heck yes, by all means take a shot.  Of course, make sure you do it in the beginning so everyone is super safe to drive back home.

This gorgeous location was over at Elizabeth’s parents house.  Couldn’t ask for a better spot! You have horses, goats, killer red barn, and a couple that is willing to do anything.  I am so excited to get to see these too again, along with their little mini me.

Engagement session at farm



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