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Brad and Sarah | North Caroline Museum of Art | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

I cannot express to everyone enough how much I love weddings that take place at a museum!  One of my favorite museum’s in Raleigh, NC is the North Carolina Museum of Art where Sarah and Brad decided to enjoy their wedding day!!!! We have been battling with some very unflattering weather here in Raleigh and it stayed all through Sarah and Brad’s wedding.  However when you’re working with the talented Morgan Greer at NCMA your day will still be gorgeous no matter what the circumstances are.  The plan was to have their ceremony outside but because of the rain they transferred everything one of the art galleries.  At this point every bride would be bummed to not be able to have their ceremony where they originally planned but when Sarah saw how Morgan set up her ceremony location, all worries were pushed aside.  We all had such an amazing time!!!  Sarah and Brad had such an amazing group of friends by their side during their getting ready anxious moments and during the times where they were ready to dance their butts off.  I must say…Plan B…was a HIT!!!!!

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