Brett & Souley | Backyard Intimate Wedding | Raleigh NC

I cannot believe the day is finally here. My beautiful friend Brett just finished her wedding day!! I have known this talented lady for so long and have been there for when she was dating not so great guys.  All I wanted was for her to find a man that would see the value and heart she brings to a relationship.  When she started to tell me about Souley one day, something was different.  Her voice went to a higher level.  She sounded so excited to just talk about him.  The fact that they had an immediate connection was something I hadn’t heard her say before.

I knew something was going to happen with these two.

Now here I am, today getting to blog about my amazing friends wedding.  Now granted, their wedding wasn’t exactly what they wanted because of COVID effecting the big day BUT omg it was absolutely GORGEOUS!  I will have to admit, I just love love love smaller weddings.  They tend to focus more on the family and few friends, as well as the couple of course. They are always so much fun and seem to be WAY more laid back.

Thats exactly what Brett and Soulless wedding was like but 100x better.  I am beyond happy for these two and know that they will last till the end of time.  Its so amazing to get to see two awesome human beings come together and create an epic duo!!!  Thank you both Brett & Souley!


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