Into the Woods | Emily | Raleigh NC | Senior Photographer

I thought it would be nice to get away from my weddings and take some time to play.  My trusty sidekick, Emily, was available at last minute to go out and have fun during a photo shoot with me.  Her and I met way back when she was a senior in high school and we have always enjoyed hanging out ever since then.I had found some great locations in Raleigh prior to our conversation and thought they would be PERFECT for what her and I were looking for.  Emily told me she wanted a more “hippie” vibe to her pictures so I thought a woodsy location with tall grass and little spots to play in the sun would be superb! I love hanging with this girl!  Every time we go out everyone thinks her and I are sisters which I take as a huge compliment…I mean have you SEEN this girl?!? She is drop dead gorgeous! DSC_8736-Edit2x verticle fb 3 copy copy 2 22DSC_8562-Edit copyDSC_8575-Edit copyDSC_8584-Edit copy2x verticle fb 3 copy copy 2 2 copyDSC_8629-Edit copyDSC_8638-Edit copyDSC_8652-Edit copy copyDSC_8653-Edit copyDSC_8662-Edit copy1 Vert 1 Hori fb copyDSCF0478-Edit-Edit fbDSC_8715-Edit copyDSC_8719-Edit copyDSCF0498-Edit fb2x verticle fb 3 copy copy 2 2222DSC_8748-Edit copyDSC_8783-Edit copy copyDSC_8798-Edit copyDSC_8786-Edit copyDSC_8799-Edit copy2x verticle fb 3 copy copy 2 222DSC_8838-Edit copy


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