The Other Autumn | Singer and Songwriter | Raleigh NC

The fact that I was able to meet another artist, whose name is Autumn was amazing to me.  Its been said that when two Autumn’s are in the same room that there is just so much awesomeness the whole place explodes.  I met her back when I was photographing Tori and Sams wedding.  Autumn is Sams favorite performer and Tori thought it would be some great to have her be there when he turned around during the first look. Awesome right?!?!  From there I got to meet her beautiful partner and we hit it off immediately, along with making plans for all of us to go to Canada next year for pictures. A girl after my own heart!
This gorgeous chick sounds like an angel when she opens her mouth to sing.  I had the pleasure to photograph her while she was performing at Tin Roof in Downtown Raleigh.  They provided her with some amazing lights for her to be able to set the mood she wanted for the audience.  Not only did she make jaws drop to the floor but she has her own fan club that came to listen to her sing.  You have to check her out!!  You won’t be able to stop listening, she is going to be a damn rockstar.  Nope…she IS a damn rockstar!!!


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