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Couples are taking a few steps out of the box for their weddings now and craving for their BIG day to be different. Statement pieces during the wedding are starting to pop up more and more.  From gorgeous non-traditional alters to even jaw dropping cakes that you would rather stare at than eat. I’m seeing couples split their days up along with inviting only family during the ceremony, to make it more intimate, and then having a big celebration with everyone they know at the reception. In my opinion, I actually think doing it that way is super sweet and making a ceremony even more special.  During a consult with my couples the one word I look for during our conversation is (like I stated above) “non-traditional”.  To me, that tells me that a bride and groom have put a little more effort into being unique.  Rather it be the beautiful paper goods, involving their pets during the ceremony, having a singer sing the couples song as the bride walks down the isle, or having stunning personalized place settings that add just enough diversity to set yourself apart from others weddings.

Another trend that is making a huge impact is watercolor.  It first started out with a few templates on Save the Dates and invites.  Now, it seems to have blossomed into more of your own custom illustrated design for all your “send outs”.  On top of that, couples are getting even their portraits done in water color from their prior engagement session to display at their reception.  I mean those little touches truly tie everything in to take it more personal level.

I have also noticed brides and grooms are making sure to cater to their guests a little more.  Where before you would have a little take home item from table but now I have seen “Welcome Bags” or “Next Day Bags”.  The “Welcome Bags” are items that a person would need to make sure they are in full enjoyment throughout the entire day while they are with you.  For example, if your ceremony is outside, the couple would provide guests with bug spray, sunglasses, fans etc etc.  With the Next Day Bags, couples are giving their guests items they might need after waking up from a long day with them. For example, Aspirin, honey sticks (help with slight hangovers), coffee, water bottle, a snack, etc etc.

As a photographer, all of these trends are just helping you and your fiancè tell your story more on your wedding day.  It provides guests more of an idea of who you are as a couple.  It also helps with couples being featured on wedding blogs, which I have been surprised at HOW MANY couples strive for that.

My advice for couples is to:

  • Stay true to yourselves and its ok to be different.
  • Take the extra time for those details to tell your story.
  • Take care of your guests who are taking time out of their weekend to see you.
  • Let the professionals do their job.  I mean you did pay them to do what they know best.  So when the wedding day comes you know you that you can just relax and enjoy.


The #1 complaint from all of my couples have been…I wish the day lasted longer.  Your wedding day is going to be PHENOMENAL if you let yourself have some fun and not stress.


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