Anna & Bill | Boone NC Wedding | The Inn at Crestwood

When I say that I love the mountains…I freakin’ LOVE the mountains.  Rather its Boone or Asheville oh hell all the way west to Washington and Oregon. I want to be there and take in the mountain air.  The Inn at Crestwood is a place my husband and I would always stay at if we were in Boone and when Anna and Bill told me there wedding was there I knew that the pictures would be amazing!  With the combination of the views and the details Anna had planned it was an unforgettable wedding. To top off the unforgettable wedding…the sky fell out RIGHT before the ceremony even began.  For an hour it poured.  No matter what, we all kept good spirits and proceeded as though nothing happened when the rain stopped.  The good news is, when it rains in the mountains you immediately get this gorgeous light along with a great fog that just rolls on in.  Needless to say, Anna and Bill had one hell of a day and will be blessed with all the luck they could possibly imagine.


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