Lacey & Casey | Intimate High Grove Estate Wedding

Lacey and Casey were amongst many of my couples that had to end up moving their wedding date due to COVID 19.  It has broken my heart to hear so many couples stressing over the change in plans.  Not to mention from my friends that said they ended up loosing couples due to the virus because they were already booked for the date they were wanting to reschedule to.  Not only did these two have to move their wedding but also their gorgeous honeymoon to Iceland.  However, the good news out of all of this is that they are wanting to book their trip for later this year in hopes I can tag along with them.  Hell yes!!!  Iceland has been a huge goal of mine to be able to visit and especially photograph a couple there.  All the gorgeous views of black sand beaches, cliffs, waterfalls, and even the wild horses. So all in all, Lacey and Casey ended up with having an amazing intimate wedding and even getting some pictures of them in Iceland. Luckily they are one of the few couples where COVID wasn’t a huge hit to them.

Oh and if you happen to miss their engagement session…You HAVE to check it out here


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