Lifestyle Branding Session with Jennifer | Downtown Raleigh NC

I am going to constantly keep putting this out into the universe, which is to work more with branding.  Until this year, I never favorited branding sessions.  I have no clue what has changed but I am totally in love with any and all branding. I never put together that a branding session has practically the same concept as a wedding…to tell a story.  To tell a story about who is and behind the brand.  What their core values are and what is their why.  To give their clients and fans a face with their work.

I am officially and absolutely in love with branding sessions and I can’t wait for more to be brought into my life.

Also, if you are looking to rebrand or even start up your business…the best way to display your work is partnering up with Karima Creative. I am also excited to say that my website will have a facelife by her….very very soon.

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Leanna & Drew | Publix Shopping and Parking Deck | Raleigh NC Photographer