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Celebrating Year 3 in Mexico | Destination Wedding Photographer

Off to a new destination for year 2017 with my best friend.  This vacation was very much needed to have a refreshment right before wedding season truly started this year.  I was so excited to venture out into a new surrounding and get picture, after picture, after picture.  For this vacation we had no agenda other than to relax.  If we found something later to do great, and if not even better.   We stayed at a GORGEOUS resort called Sandos Finisterra, Los Cabos.  This was the first getaway that Corey and I took and didn’t want to go home so soon.  I think it was the fact that the people there were so amazing. To be honest, when we first booked this vacation I was super nervous since I have strict dietary needs but a gentleman, by the name of Fernando, took care of everything.  Breakfast and Lunch was when we would see him and everytime he would go above and beyond to make sure the cook would make food without oil or butter.  Now, I am not saying he only did things like that for us, no way, whoever he served he treated them like king and queen.  He literally would run circles around the other wait staff. So, when you visit this resort make sure you sit in Fernado’s section.

Corey and I walked to the marina almost everyday and then finally we gave in and decided to take one adventure to The Arch.  We never regretted it afterwards.  The only change we would make is for the tide not to have been so high.  This way we could have walked around and had been able to take more pictures.  Either way, the sights were breathtaking and we would do it all over again.

Brides and grooms, if you want an amazing experience (whether it be your wedding or honeymoon) you need to check out this resort.  We saw two couples get married while we were there and the ceremony was gorgeous.  We would pass those same couples a few times during our stay and smiles never left their faces.



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