Leena & Vikram | Raleigh Backyard Indian Wedding Ceremony

So much to say about these two and their gorgeous wedding ceremony with pampas grass galore.  With the help of Bowerbird Flowers, they put together a stunning arbor for them to stand under and get married even though all of the chaos going on around them.  When I arrived, with their coffee in hand, Leena had everything ready for me to go.  Every single detail she could think of was laid out for me.  For brides whose wedding is coming up, please please please try and do this for your wedding photographer. You have no idea how much time you will save them with having everything ready to go for them. Her details were absolutely stunning, and every single piece of it was needing my attention since I just couldn’t stop with the pictures…they were just to pretty not to.

I am so beyond happy for Leena and Vikrum to be marry and married.  Cheers to love since LOVE conquers all!


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