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As a wedding photographer I am always looking to learn as much as I can, along with embracing the photographer that I already am.  This past week I had the honor to go and attend a workshop called “WRKSHP” (haha best name).  I had NO idea what I would expect out of the 4 days that we would be there.  When walking into things like this your mind automatically thinks “OMG are people not going to like me, is my work going to suck compare to others, or what if I just don’t fit into the group?”. With all of those questions going through my head you can only imagine that my expectations were loooooow lol.  Once we got into the doors we were all embraced with smiles, hugs and just overall love for everyone coming.  I could literally go on and on about my experience but to nail it down to a couple of sentences…it was FANTASTIC.  Now, I wasn’t able to go to all the classes (you get to pick your classes ahead of time) but I was able to meet almost every teacher there and each and everyone of them were open and honest about everything.  I enjoyed it so much that I have already signed up for next years WRKSHP. The fact that I was about to walk away with confidence in my work and help my mind process and see things in other ways while I shoot was well worth the time, trip and expense.  My goal in the next couple of years is to maybe even be a teacher there and give others what the teachers at this past workshop gave me.


Below is a shoot I went on with Levi Tijerina.  We actually used Michael and Chellise with Chellise Michael Photography as our models.  I wouldn’t want to photograph anyone else but the two of them.  They were hilarious and just a joy to be around.  Thank you so much to all the teachers that took time out of their schedule to be there and a special thank you to Lev Kuperman and Ryan & Heidi Browne for putting it all together!!


Lastly, below you will see an image that I took of Chaz Cruz (another awesome teacher).  During the days we were at the workshop they had given us challenges. One of those challenges was to take a black and white portrait of a teacher.  Immediately while sitting in Chaz class I thought of this idea and had to get it out of my head.



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