Afternoon Engagement | Raleigh NC Photographer| Sean & Liv

All of my couples are phenomenal and I love each one of them for all different reason. For Sean and Liv, their constant need to laugh and let loose.  Breaking all rules of having a lot of serious pictures (which believe me I do love those) and getting out there with me to be themselves.  I was watching them interact with one another and it was almost as though I was having an outer body experience and watching my husband and myself.  Sean would get Liv to the point of a belly laugh that was so hard it made me laugh every time.  Also, hell kuddos to these two for letting to join in on the picnic with them.  I was totally down with having a little break and enjoy berries, bread, and spreads I had no idea existed.  Extra brownie points for other couples that feed me, bring me coffee or energy drinks, or just say I’m pretty…haha

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