Chonfawn & Adam | An Airplane Engagement in North Carolina

I just realized, as I was putting this blog together, I’ve know Adam a little over 8 years.  Before my career in photography began I was working for a great company called Terracon, where I worked with Adams Mom, Lisa. Her and I still remember, to this day, how she found me and got me a job. I had just moved to NC and was putting applications in everywhere.  One of those places was a local vet.  When I walked in, Lisa was at the front picking up her dog. I quickly turned in my application to the same lady talking to Lisa and walked out the door.  Within 2 mins I hear “Wait a second!!”. I turn around and Lisa informed me that her company was hiring for a receptionist and she would love for me to come in to apply.  From then on its all history. Lisa, Dina, Tracy, and myself all became great friends while I worked at Terracon for almost three years.  I was introduced to Adam and Lisas other son Mike time and time again. I was lucky enough to photograph Mikes engagement and wedding as well so it was a must that once Adam found the right girl I would do the same for him.

When Lisa told me that Adam had bought the ring for Chonfawn I flipped out!  I was so beyond excited for him that he found a girl that would treat him right.  When he asked me about engagement pictures I immediately responded with a “Of course!”.  I couldn’t wait to meet Chonfawn since I had hear so much about her from Lisa.  Once they asked me where they think would be a great place for their pictures, I remembered that Adam had recieved his pilot license not too long ago.  My mind was racing of all the cool things we could do with that and make it something different and unique to them. I must say, I think they were a little hesitant on the location because, like all couples, they automatically think of a park for pictures.  I am NOT at all against parks, but when I know things about my couple and feel like we could incorporate it into their session…I would prefer to something like that, you know, that hits closer to home for them. I mean, come on…airplanes….adorable couple…its the best combination EVER! I am so thankful these two trusted me (which keep in mind, when hiring your wedding photographer you need to have FULL trust in them) for the location because below you will see why. 🙂


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