Georgina & Matthew | Spring Engagement Session | Downtown Raleigh

Ok, looks like things are getting underway for wedding season 2021.  Couples are finally getting in motion again to either plan or get ready for their engagement sessions, like Georgina and Matthew.

Downtown Raleigh is always a go to location for getting engagement sessions done.  I feel like no matter what, every session ends up looking completely different. Even if we end up going to all the same spots.  Georgina totally took on my help with my trusty Pinterest board on what outfits tend to look amazing for pictures.  When couples tend to take on a photographers advice and then see the results afterwards, I truly do feel like their confidence skyrockets.  Your professional knows what they are doing and only look out to what is best for the two of you. These two are proof that a neutral outfit goes a long way AND taking shots before the session always loosens anyone up.


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