New York Engagement | City Streets Grace & Kate

I still don’t think some of my couples or couples looking to book their engagement/wedding photographer understands that I’m always willing to travel.  Doesn’t matter if its 4 hours away in North Carolina, across the country, or abroad.  I love any and all kind of adventures and especially when it’s accompanied by my awesome bride and grooms.

Grace & Kate live in, the fabulous, Brooklyn New York. My original intent for going to Brooklyn was to attend a workshop. Once they found out I was coming their way we started to plan out a New York engagement session. The only time I was able to shoot their session was during sunrise…yes…sunrise lol.  My wake up call was at 3am to get my ass up and get to the gym.  Thankfully I had packed PLENTY of energy drinks with me.  That, along with my workout, was what fueled me through the session and the rest of the workshop that day. On top pf that…Grace and Kate bought me my very FIRST New York Bagel.  Hell Yea!! Mmmmm….now that’s all I’m thinking about.

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