Sadie & David | Durham Engagement | Eno State Park

Since there is going to be some downtime for the next couple of weeks, I am going to make sure that I am catching up on my blog posts for both my photography and podcast. To start everything off is Sadie and Davids engagement session over at Eno State Park.  I haven’t been back to Eno in over 4 years and it was so awesome to see it again.  Even though the crowd was bigger than normal, the three of us made it through and was laughing the whole time.  Making the best of what was going on all around us.  I know I have already said this on my social media posts but damn…Sadie really knows how to through together some hip outfits.  Come one, who puts on green converse shoes and a polka dot dress and look cool? Sadie does, while she pairs it with Davids red and black flannel.  I want to be just like them!!


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