Asheville NC Foggy Wedding | Marianne & Ryan

The wedding season ended with a BEAUTIFUL wedding with Marianne & Ryan over in Asheville NC.  Normally in Raleigh, when the day calls for slight rain that day everyone tends to get a little bummed.  However, when in Asheville that bummed feeling never comes.  After it rains this GORGEOUS fog starts to roll in and hovers for a good portion of the day.  It makes for such a eerie and dreamy backdrop and thats exactly what happened on this sweet and endearing couples wedding ceremony.  It was like the pictures came at a full circle from their foggy engagement session to their wedding day.
The day started out with the couples writing their vows along with getting to hang out with their friends and family (btw this may have been the easiest wedding ever, since I felt like I was just there to hang out with the both of them). After a couple of drinks (well maybe a more than a couple haha) and a lot of laughter we headed on over to the couples favorite spot on the lake that was close by.  Thank goodness for Lauren with The Lion House. I don’t think I would have ever found the spot if it wasn’t for her pin dropping me to location. This practically secluded lake was already an amazing location…but THAT FOG…I mean it truly was the icing on the cake, the foam on the cappuccino , the cherry on the sundae….you get the drift lol.
Westglow Resort and Spa was the perfect setting for this couples reception.  It was candlelit, quint, filled with beautiful characteristics, and intimate!  Marianne and Ryan gather all their close friends and family to have a nice and delicious dinner. All they cared about was getting everyone in the same room and fill it with chatter and laughter.  No timeline to go by, just there to hang out, relax, and celebrate!
Wedding Planner: The Lion House
Dress: Miri by Alexandra Grecca from Gilded Bridal
Flowers: The Lion House
Reception Venue: Westglow Resort and Spa

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