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Rachael & Lyle | An Asheville Wedding

Rachael and I immediately clicked the first time we talked on the phone.  Our visions for a beautiful wedding matched to the tee.  The one thing I remember mostly from our conversation was the way she spoke about Lyle. “Autumn, this man is gorgeous!  He knows how to put an outfit together and he really knows how to be photographed.”  It was so sweet to hear her talk about him, another reason why I just loved these two from the beginning.  After our conversation she emailed me a picture of the two of them along with where they were getting married.  Now get this…I would have never of thought to do this or even suggest this but…she booked her and Lyle a venue through AirBnB.  I thought that was the best idea I had heard for brides to help them find a place that was unique to them to get married. Rachael and Lyle picked this most beautiful home I’ve ever seen in Asheville NC.  From the beginning of the rehearsal to the end of the wedding night I had such a fantastic time with everyone!  I think their reception was my favorite ever! I have never gotten home and want to edit the reception pictures first lol.



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