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It has been awhile since I have been able to sit down and blog more on “Wedding Tips”.  I thought of a few more blogs while recently getting to work with some amazing couples on their wedding day.  Something that I always talk to my bride and groom about are their family portraits.  Alot of couples get stressed about this one. Sometimes the bride and groom have family members or even parents that don’t want to be around each other.  I’ve seen it before and some of those family members will actually put those feelings to the side for the bride and groom’s big day and sometimes they can’t which is completely fine.  There are ways to avoid those awkward moments and to avoid any drama.  I advise my couple to make a family portrait list.  What this does is give the bride and groom time to write out groupings of family members they want in each picture. With making the list I try to let them know to not go beyond grandmother and grandfather (basically your immediate family members). Anyone else can grab me or the second shooter during the reception for more pictures. Along grouping each family member, I have them write everyone’s first name so that all I have to do is call out the names, get them set up and then “click” take the picture and on to the next.  Having a list of what you and your fiancé would like for their family pictures makes everything organized and it will flow without any issues so that you can head out to enjoy your couple portraits with your photographer and then head off to your reception to PARTY!!!




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