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Yes…it’s time to talk about what brides either love or hate doing….the timeline.  The reason that brides tend to hate making a timeline is because of two reasons, #1 brides don’t know the actual time it will take with certain events and #2 they feel as though “whats the point” nothing will run like I want it to anyways. Now, now, let’s not start getting negative.  I know this is your BIG day and you still want to run the show however this is a great time for you to ask for help. Who better to ask for help than your wedding photographer!  All wedding photographers should know how long certain events will take because they’ve shot many weddings and can average the timing by their experience. I always help my couple’s with their timelines and to be honest…this helps not only you two but me as well. All you have to do, on your end, is send me the times that are crucial for the day (ex: time for hair and make-up, when everyone will arrive, time of ceremony, cocktail hour and introductions).  Just with those few bits of information I will be able to start a rough draft of your timeline.  Once finished, I email a copy of it to you for you and your fiancé to study and see if everything makes sense on your end.  If you have questions all you have to do is ask. This way I am able to explain so you understand why these areas take longer than you thought. Nothing is official until I get the final “ok” from you so we can make as many changes as we need to.  This is still your day and if you would rather not take 45 min with your wedding portraits that is perfectly fine.  I like to explain to couple’s that I am here to be a chameleon and adjust to anything you need me to BUT just remember this is one of the biggest days of your lives and I promise taking the extra time for pictures will be one thing that you will not regret.

So what did you learn from this post?  To…as Elsa would say “Let It Go” and allow others to help that may have more insight on the manner.  We are all hear to help you and your fiancé make this be the best damn day of your entire life. 🙂



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