A Couple and His Bike | Raleigh Engagement Photographer

I’m sorry but if you haven’t seen Sons of Anarchy then you will have no clue what I’m referring to in just a few seconds…but omg this literally looks like Jax and his lady! I could not have wanted this to go any better than it did. Not because of there being no level above this but the fact that, even if there was, my mind would absolutely explode!!

Jackie and Ben, along with Elijah and myself, have been waiting for this session. After their wedding, all we could do is talk about how amazing it would be to do a session like this with Ben’s bike and, trust me, we didn’t have to twist his arm what-so-ever.

I cannot say how much I love creative shoots like this that involves an amazing team and an amazing couple who knows we’ve got their back and will deliver some EPIC pictures and video (Morgan Scott Films).


Dude! this was so dope ! the whole session was bad ass andIm living for this video.

This is like something out of top gun!
So freakimg cool. Amazingly done!

I absolutely adore when couples’ put their own spin on things! It will be so great for them to have these images to reflect on for years to come!

These are SO badass! Love this style

I love that they incorporated the bike!!! Epic

Ahh this motorcycle shoot is so badass! I love their style and how perfectly you captured their love. Amazing work!

This is so great!! Such a fun session!

Such a badass engagement session! You really showcased who this couple is. I love all the smoke!

Photos and a video?! This is so epic. Seriously, you are SO talented my friend!!

This shoot is hella badass!! I am obsessed with the whole vibe!!!

Officially the only time matching outfits has ever worked! Love the fresh take on a couple’s video!

next one

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