Banff Canada Elopement | Tori & Sam

If I wasn’t impressed before, I sure as hell was now. Today was Tori and Sam’s elopement day and we had some amazing plans picked out for it.  The first stop was for them to get ready at their adorable AirBnB.  They brought on Mountain Beauties who dolled up Tori beautifully and then afterwards all the nerves we officially setting in.  Tori and Sam were certainly excited to see one another, and what better way then to do a first look. We drove over to Lake Minnewonka (cute name right) for everything to officially start.  From first look to ceremony then to portraits. What a stunning backdrop!!  Even though it did rain a little we made sure that we would head straight over to Grassi Lake for a nice looooooong hike up a mountain. Yes, UP A MOUNTAIN. The end result was this majestic pool of crystal blue and green water.  I had never seen anything so blue in my entire life.  Now, mind you, I have been to the Caribbeans, Saints, you name it…and nothing could compare to that gorgeous water.  It was the perfect spot to end the day!

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