Anais & Kenjiro | Mt Charleston NV | Engagement Photographer

My 2nd trip to Las Vegas with only months apart made me so excited.  Only this time I was able to head out to a gorgeous park, Mt. Charleston.  Where you can view tons of mountains, tall stunning trees, golden light, and wild horses.  Now granted, for Anais & Kenjiro session we didn’t go near wild horses only for the simple fact that everyone was wanting pictures with it.  I think by the time we had gotten over to it, it would have probably been totally down with humans.

Either way we made the session, not only a couples session but as well as a family session.  Kyoji was such a sweet little man and was so great throughout the entire session.  Like all babies, he of course had his moments but they were very few.  I am beyond excited to get to share these in hopes that I get to go back very soon for any and all sessions. As long as I don’t have to fly United Airlines again.  Ugh, that take off, heading back home, was the worst I have ever experienced in my entire life of flying.


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