Hana & JP | Destination Engagement Photographer Denver CO

What better time to go to Denver Colorado for an engagement than October. For me, its not even for the leaves changing. I just simply find beauty in the dead camel colored grass and the textures surrounding the mountain side. Hana & JP picked the most perfect location that checked everything off my list. This stunning spot was called Loveland Pass, which was our first stop.

As you cannot actually tell, these two are freezing, but baring every wind that was blown our way.  All they did was embrace it and laugh at the situation of just being cold.  We took one more stop to a overlook and then headed out to Breckenridge. I cannot tell you how much I adore that little town full of hidden gems.  After only being in Colorado for a total of 4 days…its a MUST to go back next year, no questions asked.  Who’s with me?


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