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I always want to prepare my couples as much as possible, no matter what it is.  My 12 years of experience is knowledge for them and for them to have less of the unexpected.  With in-home engagement sessions there are a few key things I want you to keep in mind.

  1. Look around your house and see if you can spot a room or a general area that has the most light.
  2. Check the time of the day and see when that light is more harsh (you will see window light cascading on walls or floors) or more soft.
  3. Make sure to always clean up.  If you dont want last weeks pizza box in the pictures…then it is probably best to through it out for the session lol.
  4. If you have any pets make sure to let your photographer know.  This way they can get a game plan on how to incorporate them in and when to have some of just the two of you.
  5. Have sometime to do that day, whether its making coffee or cookies or just simple playing on of your favorite games together.
  6. Have a drink. Yep, have either a shot or maybe a beer just to get you a little relaxed.  Now granted if its a 10am session maybe just have your favorite coffee or tea in the morning. Just remember, one of the main reasons I love doing in home sessions is because I will be in your environment.  You will be surrounded by everything that is familiar to you so it tends to relax a couple more.
  7. Have a few outfits to choose from and even allowing your photographer to help you with what looks great for pictures.
  8. Girls, even though its a in home session…you should still consider putting on makeup and even just a tad bit more than normal.  It always makes the pictures that much better. However, after you are finished with your makeup, make sure to look at it in a mirror with all lighting to make sure their are no pesky makeup lines.

These tips are just for consideration.  All of my couples have used these and were so grateful they did afterwards.  If I told you that these things would make your experience that much better, would you do them?  Of course you would.


These pictures are truly captivating! The candid shots capture David & Abbie’s love for each other. What fun! Whimsical moments indeed!

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