Raleigh NC Engagement Photographer | Abbie & David

I have been to Downtown Raleigh about 4 -5 times in the last 2 weeks and I get so excited to get to walk around and see what other gems (locations) I can find for my couples engagement session. So as of right now I am not reaaaally in “wedding season” quite yet but I sure as hell in “engagement season” haha. It’s just starting to not only look beautiful outside but it always feels amazing, so much so that I even loose more track of time because I am not too hot or too could.  Abbie and David’s engagement session was on such a incredible day!  Abbie let me know that she was super nervous and, just like all of my other couples, I have to remind them…no matter what…I am here to guide you through this entire thing and to make it all fun, interactive, and hilarious sayings (omg these two had me dying lol). No stiffness is allowed…well unless you are always stiff on a daily basis, then in that case I would be capturing the real you. Let’s face it though, no one is.  When you are with your partner you are able to be yourself and not give a shit who is around. This is where I can come in and show you that, even though I’m there, that same feeling of being able to be yourself will still be there with no effort from you two needed.  I’ve got you! If you don’t believe me…check out this session below.


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