Engagement River Walk | Wilmington NC | Kendall & Brett

It seems like it’s been forever ago since I’ve been to the beach and, on top of that, a engagement session while I am there!  Luckily for my first time back I was grateful to be shooting Kendall and Brett. They are the type of people that you immediately click with.  Right off the bat I new I could hang out with them all day.  They were loads of laughs especially when Brett had to talk about his favorite cereal.  We were able to get him to stop for a good remainder of the session but I think he could of went on for hours haha.
This was my first engagement in a bar where the couple played darts and billiards.  They wanted to come back to Blue Post since that’s where they would hang out back in their early 20’s.  Right next to Blue Post was the Riverwalk where we met up with their sweet little pups that were more camera shy than any of my couples but because of them being nervous their sweet sad puppy dog eyes were in full gear. All the more to make you just want to hug them even more!  I just adore this little family!


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