Brewery Bhavana Couples Session | Colleen & Sam

There is nothing better than getting to sit with my couple, before their couples session, and grab a bite to eat.  It really makes the session run even more smoothly.  Brewery Bhavana is, by far, the best damn restaurant I have ever been to in downtown Raleigh.  I ordered their Spicy Soy Chicken and it was to DIE FOR!!  Ok, before I get in depth on how amazing the food was lets get back into my couple, Colleen & Sam. They have been dating for about a year and are very much in love.  I mean good Lord, look at how Colleen looks at him. She is smitten!  I will have to admit, I’ve been loving the change in locations for my couples sessions.  Thank you Brewery Bhavana for having us and dining us!


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