Transfer Food Hall Engagement | Kaila & Adam | Downtown Raleigh

What better way to start your session than to have your first location be at a spot where you new business is about to flourish? Adam is about to open up he bar & restaurant right next to Transfer Co. Food Hall, by far one of the most hippest wedding venues in Raleigh.  We stepped right into a constriction zone for his business which I LOVED.  There was no wonky light I needed to battle with or anything.  Just nice exposed cement/brick walls and gorgeous window lighting. Can you believe that these two have NEVER gotten their pictures done before?  RIGHT?  Yea, I pretty much call BS on that lol.  no but seriously they only pictures they have of each other or from their iPhones.  That needed to change ASAP!! After we left Adam’s new spot we spent the rest of the session on a rooftop, which btw is just STUNNING and after you see it and you think “Wow I would love to do a session there”…you need to contact me now haha.  We will make it happen for sure.


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