Honeymooners Session | Alyssa & Erik | Raleigh NC

You know it took me a while to come up with something that would be a little different than a normal engagement or couples session.  I was taking notice that alot of my couples tend to go on their honeymoon at least a week later.  This way they are able to get things in order at work, rest up from the wedding, and have enough time to make sure they pack everything they could need.

Why not make it a session?  I had Alyssa and Erik help me out with it and I am so excited that I got to work with them.  For me, packing is so much fun because I am just super excited to get the hell out of dodge so portraying that in pictures (I knew) would be so easy!

I went on over to their home and can I just tell you how amazing Alyssa was?  She had so much stuff (little details that she knew I would love) all laid out for me.  Their house was so perfect for an in-home session too!  They had the coolest pieces of furniture, where I was constantly asking “Where did you get that?” I think one of my favorite moments, ok I have two, was when they started tossing clothes at one another and then then hanging out in their teal room.  I freakin DIED!!  I want to grow up and be just like them.


these are so retro and simply put … cool as hell. Looks like a great session!

I’m dying with this session! I really love it! They are very cool and I can notice it since the first picture! I’m in love with this indoor session and you capture it so well. I want that Ricoh camera hahaha. Btw they look very relaxed in front of your camera.

Loved the couple photos BUT also the details you captured as well! I bet it was great that she already had the details out for you!

STOP! <3 This is SO CUTE!!! Such an awesome idea, and what a perfect couple! They have such a stunning house an you did an amazing job of capturing them! Seriously, so in love!!

Love the detail shots! This session looks like so much fun and what an awesome couple!! The home is so sweet and love that their personality shows through.

Oh man, if only I could be half as cool. Really nice shots!

This is so cute and looks like such a fun unique session. Amazing job!!

this is amazing. Something different! i just love it

Oh my goodness this is so cute! I love the emotion you captured and your tones! Well done my friend!!

Ok this is steller. I love how you capture the tiny moments- because those are the moments that create a lifetime. Lovely imagery.

next one

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