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We all want to save money wherever we can when it comes to the wedding…but to be honest…cutting it from your picture time wouldn’t be the place I would start.

Your pictures are going to help you relive those moments of your wedding day from beginning to end.  Don’t you want to remember the time you had while hanging out with your friends and getting ready?  Those laughable moments where your best friend reminded you of what you first thought when you met your fiance?  Or the moment when you mother and father see you in your dress for the first time…or better yet…what about the moment when your soon to be husband or wife sees you for the first time?  Those are the moments that we tend to forget…the look and the emotion that was expressed when that event took place.

I always advise my brides to lean towards collections that allot them more time for the reasons stated above and so you are not feeling rushed or like you haven’t had a breather.  The less stress everyone is under the better the day will go and the better the smiles and emotions will play out in the pictures.

If you are wanting to save more time through out your wedding day think about some of these helpful tips that will save you more:

Day After Session: This one is still kind of new to couples.  This session is where you can break off your couple portraits from your wedding day and do it that following day.  The bride and groom will get dressed back up (who doesn’t love getting back into your wedding dress?) and head off for a one to two hour photo session with just the you and your photographer.  Normally, even if my couple does decide to go this route I will pull my couple off to the side on their wedding day and take about 10 minutes with them to at least get one or two poses of them.


First Look:  I know a lot of brides and grooms want to remain traditional and see eachother for the first time when they walk down the isle and I completely understand, however, take a moment to look this over. You and your fiancé meet up at a secret spot (no one around but you two and the photographer to take the pictures) and have a moment where you are “seeing eachother for the first time”.  This will be your special moment.  You can stare into each others eyes, cry (without feeling silly), tell eachother how much you love them, read a sweet note that you wrote for them, and then leave by telling eachother “I will see you at the end of the isle”.  I mean how sweet is that?


Taking Portraits After First Look: Along with saving time with seeing eachother before the ceremony you can also do your couple portraits, wedding party portraits and heck…even some family portraits after the first look.  Then after the ceremony you and all your friends and family can head off the reception for food and dancing.  Not too shabby huh?

Reception Events: Move your important events to the beginning of the reception.  You can start off with your first dances as soon as you are introduced in.  Afterwards, take a moment to eat, breath and take a load off.  Then bring on the garter and bouquet toss and cake cutting.  Once those are finished….PARTY!!  The reason for doing this is so the photographer can be there for all of those important events during the reception and can leave after an hour of so of everyone dancing…cause lets face it….there is only so many pictures you can get of Uncle Bob doing the robot lol.


Make the most of your time and make sure you are cutting expense in the areas that need to be there for you to enjoy and remember your wedding day!


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