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From my experience with couples its ALWAYS best to have an engagement session set in place before your wedding.  The reason to book an engagement session with your wedding photographer is so you and your fiancé can get use to being in front of the camera along with seeing how the photographer interacts with you while they work. There are some photographers, like myself, who enjoys hanging out with the couple and getting those sweet moments along with some fun candid’s of the soon to be groom whispering something funny into his brides ear. Other photographers like to have everything precise and love posing the couple for each picture. With knowing that, it’s always best to get to work with your photographer before so when your wedding day arrives you both know exactly what to expect.

I inform each and every one of my brides and grooms to search for some really cute outfits for your session.  Involve your photographer and ask what they think you should wear…they know what compliments each other and what would be best for where you are going for pictures.  I have compiled a great  Pinterest board  dedicated to nothing but fun outfit ideas for my clients to get an idea of what to look for.  Girls, go get your hair and makeup done (look your best so you feel pretty) and guys make sure your hair is done as well.  If you have any facial hair make sure to clean it up or heck shave it off if you bride likes you shaven (its only for one day). If it makes your bride happy why wouldn’t you want to 🙂

Take a moment…by yourselves….and pose in front of a mirror.  Practice your smile and get your body use to posing to see which poses you prefer to see yourself in.  Your photographer will also know where to place you that will best compliment you both but its always great to practice and be prepared.  Being prepared will help you relax quicker and not make you look uptight or uncomfortable. We, as photographers, want you to fall in your most natural pose.  We want you two to have fun and forget that we are even there.  This is just another day dedicated to the two of you and the love that you have for one another…celebrate it with smiles, laughter, and nice big snuggles.PTM Storyboard 2 UpDSC_9819-EditDSC_5486-EditDSC_8778-EditDSC_6952-Edit-2 2DSC_6663-Edit

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