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Weddings can be loads of fun to plan but sometimes it is just easier to step out of the leader position and relinquish authority on someone who knows exactly what they are doing. “Who?” you ask…the one and only Wedding Coordinator.  I know, as a bride, it can be hard to let someone else have control especially over YOUR wedding but if you would like to be able to relax and enjoy the day rather than worry about all the small details…I would suggest you look into having a coordinator there.  They’re sole purpose is to put your mind at ease and to make everything run as smooth as possible.

I have worked with some amazing Wedding Coordinators the past year and all my brides loved having someone in charge and making sure their dream wedding was planned out perfectly. Not only did it help my couple but it also helped everyone involved stay organized…everyone knew what was happening next and where everyone was going to be. Below are some amazing coordinators that I know you will love.  Go ahead and check them out. I guarantee that if you have one of these ladies for your big day your wedding will be even that much better.


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