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When planning a wedding time flies by quick.  There’s an abundance of things that need to be done along with wanting to plan special moments that will make your wedding stand out above all others.  I applaud all couples that want to take an additional step to being unique.  However, when you nail down everything you would like to happen on your wedding day make sure that all your vendors know about it.  Even with the tiniest details that don’t seem like a big deal.  For photographers and videographers, especially, because our sole purpose is to make sure you remember every moment and every detail from your wedding day.

Here is a great example: I had an amazing wedding where the bride made the flower girls dress out of the extra material from her dress.  I mean how CUTE is that!  The dress looked amazing and I would have thought the dress was store bought.  Thankfully my bride told me about how it was handmade so I knew that I wanted to get some portraits of just the flower girl along with the bride and her together.

Another example…I’ve seen brides have family members that have passed on to still be incorporated into their special day.  Brides will have either pictures of them around the venue or even have an adorable locket around their bouquet with a picture of that family member inside.  Another one that I just adore, brides will sew a blue heart under their dress for their something blue. For me, any detail that I’ve notice I will immediately grab my camera to make sure it ends up on my couple’s gallery but sometimes things can be overlooked with all the commotion that happens during the wedding day.  We all know that its inevitable that things will run a little longer than expected, people from the wedding party get stuck in traffic, or the most dreaded one…the weather decides to call for rain.  When things like this start to effect your timeline a frantic state starts to show on everyones face.  Just remember that everything will be ok and at the end of the day you are walking down the isle to marry you best friend.

To avoid some of these scenarios its always best to make sure that all your vendors and venues have the same timeline.  If something has changed let everyone know.  Also, try to talk to your venue about a plan B.  Anything can happen and you want to be as mush prepared as possible.  Not because your wedding will be a shamble if something happens but because you need to be able to still stay relaxed and know that everything will work out no matter what.



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