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Ann & Wil HITCHED | Hotel Roanoke Wedding | Roanoke VA Wedding Photographer

With the weddings that I have this year I think I need to get a place in Roanoke, VA haha.  Caroline with Caroline LaRocca Event Design is such an amazing woman and her talents always shine especially with Ann and Wil’s wedding day.  Caroline was the one who introduced me to Ann and Wil and I am forever grateful for her! Ann and Wil celebrated their love at Hotel Roanoke….at of the most GORGEOUS venues I have ever been to!! Ann and Wil signed up with the “dream team” as Caroline would say.  She had the Caroline’s vision, Jacob and Hogan from Michael’s Videography and Wedding Cinema, and myself.  We all work so well together and always have such a BLAST!!! Ann and Wil have been one of my favorite couple’s ever since I shot their engagement session in downtown Raleigh, NC.  They are full of love and adventure that no matter what idea’s I had for their pictures they were ready for anything.

I am so pleased to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Despeines and their STUNNING wedding day!

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You have done awesome job my daughter zionna was the flower girl your pictures of her was great..love your work…

Your work is phenomenal, I couldn’t be there but you made me feel as though. I was, thanks!!!

Your work is phenomenal, I couldn’t be there but you made me feel as though. I was, thanks!!!

Simply incredible! Your pictures truly captures the spirit and love that filled this day.

Hi Autumn, I wanted to introduce myself and let you know how beautiful I think the pics of our cake for Ann and Wil’s wedding are! Hope to work with you again soon.



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