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Bride and Groom Portrait by tree

Shelby & Brock | Boxwood Estate | Destinaton Wedding Photographer

It was a true confirmation, when I met up with Shelby & Brock at their walk through, we were meant to work together.  The three of us immediately clicked and Shelby emailed me that night to let me know that she was even more excited after getting to walk through the house with me. She […]


Asheville Photographer| Winter Wonderland with Three

When I first met this amazing couple, it was on their wedding day in Roanoke VA.  Almost three years later, these two have not only added the most adorable dog (Blitz) ever, they are now adding a sweet baby boy.  Ann and Wil are truly a one of a kind couple. They both carry such […]

Airplanes and Engagement

Chonfawn & Adam | An Airplane Engagement in North Carolina

I just realized, as I was putting this blog together, I’ve know Adam a little over 8 years.  Before my career in photography began I was working for a great company called Terracon, where I worked with Adams Mom, Lisa. Her and I still remember, to this day, how she found me and got me […]


WRKSHP | New York Wedding Photographers

As a wedding photographer I am always looking to learn as much as I can, along with embracing the photographer that I already am.  This past week I had the honor to go and attend a workshop called “WRKSHP” (haha best name).  I had NO idea what I would expect out of the 4 days […]

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