Abbie & David | Windy Hill Farm Wedding

What can I say about Abbie and David, besides the obvious that their wedding at Windy Hill Farm in Cedar Grove was GORGEOUS in so many ways. I have adored these two ever since we had our engagement session.  Talk about lighting up a room with a smile, Abbie clearly invented that effect.  The key to her smile is clearly David.  The two of them were truly meant for one another.  I think, by far, the best thing I have ever heard a groom say to a bride was what David said to Abbie right after their first look, “Are you ready to marry the hell out of me? Because I am ready to marry the hell out of you?” OMG MELT!!

When Abbie filled out more information on her wedding, it asks “what colors are in your wedding?”.  Her response was that all of her girls were in different color dresses so really, there were no set colors….which BTW I LOVED!!!  I mean check it out for yourself and tell me that you don’t love those dresses.  No really go look now.


ugh what a lovely day! you captured this windy hill farm wedding so beautifully!

Beautiful wedding!! I love all of the emotions you captured and the way you told the story of the day! Great work!

This Windy Hill Farm Wedding is too darn pretty. You are amazing at whAt you do

her smile and laugh are so infectious! what an amazing wedding you captured it beautifully

These photos are so beautiful! You captured their love and emotion so well!! 🙂

This Windy Hill Farm Wedding just took my breath away!

What a beautiful fun filled, colorful wedding! I love how easy-going and happy this couple seemed!

next one

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