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Wedding Tip #9 | The Dreaded Timeline | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Yes…it’s time to talk about what brides either love or hate doing….the timeline.  The reason that brides tend to hate making a timeline is because of two reasons, #1 brides don’t know the actual time it will take with certain events and #2 they feel as though “whats the point” nothing will run like I want […]


Wedding Tip #8 | Never Leave Out the Details | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

When planning a wedding time flies by quick.  There’s an abundance of things that need to be done along with wanting to plan special moments that will make your wedding stand out above all others.  I applaud all couples that want to take an additional step to being unique.  However, when you nail down everything you would […]


Wedding Tip #7 | Leave the Pictures to the Photographer | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and blogged more wedding tips.  After an exciting 2014 wedding season, I finally have a little downtime to sit and blog more about tips to help out my brides.  One that tends to repeat itself on numerous occasions is hiring your photographer and trusting them to get the […]


Wedding Tip #6 | Your Family Portraits | Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

It has been awhile since I have been able to sit down and blog more on “Wedding Tips”.  I thought of a few more blogs while recently getting to work with some amazing couples on their wedding day.  Something that I always talk to my bride and groom about are their family portraits.  Alot of couples […]

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